Friday, 16 October 2015

Airwheel Intelligent electric scooter for sale: Never Let the Precious Holiday Fade Away

Abstract: Holiday is not about going abroad or taking a long trip in some place afar. Neither should people just stay at home to act like a coach potato. The modern life pace is so fast that people seldom have a chance to take a breath. Therefore, they should never let any precious holiday just fade away. Riding an Airwheel intelligent scooter out for a short trip around the city would be a great idea.

As life pace gets faster, people have little time to relax themselves and also have little quality time with their families. Therefore, when holiday comes, they should never let it fade away or just watch TV dramas at home. Instead, they can make good use of the holiday and have fun outside. Of course, spending a holiday doesn’t require going abroad or heading towards some places of interest. A short trip with Airwheel intelligent scooter can also have fun.
As a perfect transport for short trip, Airwheel self-balancing scooter is powered by electricity, which can recharged via alternating current for 1800 times. In this case, it doesn’t consume any fossil fuels, thus it does no harm to the environment. In addition, when riders need to stay overnight outside, they can find a motel and have the vehicle recharged so that they can hit the road the next day. Compared with those who drive a car, scooter riders can save a sum of oil cost.

Apart from that, since Airwheel Official Site is designed in the principle of gyroscope system, it is steered through the constant shifting of gravity center. Riders have to make body movement so as to march forward, stop the vehicle or speed up. This is a completely different riding mode from riding a bicycle or driving a car. Besides, riders can always choose the models without handles so their hands are free up during the ride. On that account, they can use their phone or do some other things they like while riding the vehicle.
Life should be well balanced so holiday is also important for us all. Never let it fade away and make good use of it by taking a ride with Airwheel electric scooter.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

The Campus is too big; only ride an Airwheel Intelligent Scooter, Can Students Come and Go Freely

Abstract: Another school year has just begun and Airwheel intelligent scooter becomes students' best choice.

Another school year has just begun. After several years of studying, numerous students, with countless beautiful imagination, have entered their ideal college and started their dream college lives. However, things are not always lovely and happy. Beautiful university campus, an area of the vast area, from one floor to another floor, often needs more than fifteen minutes to walk from dorms. If you want to get up a little big late, you may enter the classroom one second before the school bell. If you want to grasp a sight of the campus scenery, it is almost impossible.
 If you like the high-tech, smart and fashionable products in daily life, then you certainly have to seek another campus travel mode. Before the launch of Airwheel intelligent scooter, bicycle is the most common campus travel tool, which has a long history, but needs a fixed storage site. The problem of campus theft is serious nowadays, so students are eager to find a substitute.

Airwheel is the state-of-the-art means of transportation with the intelligent chips adopting aerospace attitude control theory, fuzzy software algorithm and gyroscope system to maintain balance by leaning forward and backward. Riders can control the scooter to go forward, accelerate, decelerate, brake, etc. by leaning forward or backward. Similar to the techniques of riding a bicycle, riders achieve balance via slightly tilting sideways.
Airwheel one wheel scooter weighs only about 10kg, stylish, compact, and portable. Airwheel's maximum mileage is about 20km, enough to meet the needs of the campus travel, usual shopping and exercise. Simple and elegant appearance design makes you the most fashionable people among your classmates. Airwheel now has many different series and models. Airwheel have different versions of electric scooters to meet the needs of customers from all walks of life. The classical X series is suitable for groups like adventure and pursue the risky lives; Airwheel self-balancing scooter independently researches and develops the two-wheeled Q series, which is compact, easy to learn, and more suitable for girl students to ride; Airwheel S series is more high-end, elegant and luxury, which undertakes the Lamborghini design style.

Choose Airwheel self-balancing scooter for your new college life!