Saturday, 16 January 2016

Always Exceeds the Customer Satisfaction, Airwheel Electric Skateboard M3

Abstract: Everyone wishes to be the master of their own life with freedom and excitement. Some choose extreme sports such as parachute jump, diving, rock climbing or skateboarding. Airwheel maple skateboard M3 helps the rider to enjoy the pure feeling on the road.    

Since Airwheel motorized skateboard M3 broke into the market, it has gained widespread popularity among the young people, especially the adventure-lovers. Alex is one of the members in The Gallatin County Skateboard Club in America, which is for all skateboarders, from beginners to experts. Alex said “I live to skate and before I never had anything like this.” Before, Alex only used traditional machinery skateboard controlled by his feet and body movement. Made of PU materials, the previous skateboard was concave in shape and Alex could use it to do only simple tricks.
One day, a friend in the skateboarding club recommends a new type of skateboard, Airwheel M3, which has remote control to Alex. The skateboard is made of Canadian maple wood which is good for shape-making and the close attachment of different parts. The rider can use the skateboard not only to slide but also perform various freestyle tricks. Alex is very interested in Airwheel M3 electric air board and buys one.

After he receives the new present, he is quite delighted and excited. He cannot wait to start using the skateboard. When he opens the package, he finds it amazing at first sight. Handmade craft and elaborate design make the motorized skateboard looks elegant and feels smooth.

The board can be customized with DIY pattern which gives full play to the imagination and innovation. Alex loves Japanese anime very much so he chooses his favorite anime character for the pattern. When he starts to slide with Airwheel M3, the riding experience exceeds his expectation. The 2.4G wireless remote control makes the sliding easy and convenient, giving a feeling of owning the road. Equipped with Cheng Shin tyre, Airwheel M3 can conquer any terrains with excellent skid resistance and grip power. Therefore, Alex can go anywhere as he wishes and at the same time stays safe and comfortable.
Finally, Alex loves his precious friend Airwheel M3 skateboard deeply so he brings with it wherever he goes and he also recommends it to his friends.

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